Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Huge Haul Part 1: The New Ones

Here is Part 1: The New Ones.

I don't have many new books in this haul, like I said in the previous post most of the books come from a second hand store. But I did go to a sale the University Book Shop was having a few weeks ago.

I got three books in the sale. The first one jumped at me and demanded to be bought. I mean, it's Michael Caine! I love biographies (auto or not) and this one seems like a winner.

The next book is really interesting (to me anyway). It is called Execution: A Guide to the Ultimate Penalty by Geoffrey Abbott. It is basically a book on all the different ways people have been executed through history. A charming read, I'm sure.

The last book I got in the sale is The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw, a book about a girl who is slowly turning into glass.  I had never heard of it before but it looked intriguing and the cover is beautiful.

The fourth book in this part is from the book fair I went to earlier in the spring. I got quite a few books there but this one is the only new one (all the others were second hand). It is the Icelandic translation of the book Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demrick. It tells of the lives of people in North Korea and seems really interesting. I have been interested in North Korea for a while now so I really have to get around reading this one.

All right, that is the end of part one. Part two should be up soon and it will be a lot longer than this one. So stay tuned!

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